Monster Trio Coloring Contest

Monster Trio Coloring Contest

Google Drive link with files-

Winner will receive three pins of their variant as well as one of the OG hard enamel remakes.

- Any effects can be used except stained glass & gradient print/enamel

- Choose your metal plating options:

Hard enamel- Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Black Nickel

Soft enamel- Specify which pantone you want the base color to be, it will be black otherwise.

- You may add 2 screen print colors on hard enamel variants

- 2 Submissions of each character max 

- Please submit before Deadline or it will not be counted

Email submissions to with subject "Coloring Contest"

DEADLINE: August 7th at 5 pm est (8/7)

Winner will be chosen by IG story voting - Similar variants will be paired together, hard enamel and soft enamel will be separated.