Kimono Blind Bag’s

Kimono Blind Bag’s

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All pins in this drop are new variants of past releases in the Kimono Series.

All pins have pearlecent or sandblast effects. 


This drop will be ONE pin per person, they are ALL blind bags.

There are 6 characters with new variants that are all LE 20.

There will be both A ($35) and B grades ($33) available, all pins are available in both grades so everyone has the same chances. If there are somehow leftovers after an hour, you can purchase a second! (6 pm est will be the hour, any second purchase before hand will be refunded)

I know that many people will be trading for these and that’s totally cool, but there will be a 30 day rule on selling them for more than drop price!

Finally PLEASE consider purchasing shipping insurance from my shop for the sale, I will NOT have any extras of these and will not be able to replace them if they are lost in the mail.