Lost Brother (B Grade)
Lost Brother (B Grade)

Lost Brother (B Grade)

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LUCYYYY!!!! Oh wait is it!?

All pins excluding a LIMITED number of the Glow and Glow w/ Epoxy will be B grade. Purchase with this in mind. 

6 Variants total

-Og - LE 50

-Blue - LE 30

-Murdered - LE 30

-Mystery Variant - LE 25 ( You won't know until you receive it!)

-Glow (Full) - LE 20 

-Glow w/ Epoxy ( Partial Glow) - LE 20


Soft Enamel- Both Glow, Mystery

Hard Enamel- Og, Blue, Murdered

Double posted

Top Chi Pins backstamp

Art by - Anthony Duarte